7 Women’s Activewear Fashion Trends In 2017

Women's active wear fashion changes from time to time. Every year, there are new trends taking place of the old ones. If you are a fitness freak and fashion is so important to you, then how about you check out the women's active wear fashion trends of 2017?


7 Women's Active wear Fashion trends in 2017 are the following:

1 Shredded wear

While doing your fitness regime and if you do a lot of stretching, go for the shredded look. You can buy a pair of shredded leggings and a shredded top to go with it. This makes a nice clothing pair and lets you do your exercises freely without worrying about the clothes tearing or wearing out. It is a new trend and women everywhere are trying it out.

2 Body suits

Going to the gym wearing a body suit will make you look cool and completely unique. This trend is more competitive than other fashion active wear due to its rarity. It's totally comfortable and lends an extra hand in your muscle building and weight management. The stretchy material comes in handy when you are losing those extra pounds and replacing it with tight muscle.

3 Crop tops

When paired with high waist leggings, crop tops make you look bold and irresistible. You may wear either sleeveless crop tops or the new long sleeve crop tops. Both look good but the long sleeves may keep you warm during winter. If you are a runner or a jogger and like to exercise in a park or just around your house, this set will give you a casual and classy look.
Putting on running or jogging shoes will further hype up the look and makes it a complete package. Running shoes let you bounce and perform jumping exercises contributing to your thigh tightening. Shoes with a plain sole - https://spryshoes.com/best-budget-running-shoes/ or the ones that provide a little pressure to your heel are recommended for running.

4 Tropical leggings

Comfort and fashion come together in this active wear. Leggings are much better than just sweat pants or track pants and they are tighter and fit your legs better. Designed in tropical prints of flower, trees and leafs available in bright and slightly bright colours is your perfect work out buddy - http://www.health.com/style/tropical-leggings.

5 White top and sweat pants

Simplicity never goes out of style. If white makes you look beautiful, then you should wear a plain white top with any colour sweat leggings or pants. You can choose colours like grey, blue or even pink for your pants and start your daily exercises.

6 Camouflage prints

Owning two or three designs in leggings will never let you run out of active wear. Camouflage is one of the most desired prints. It is generally referred to as army prints. Flaunting your legs with these prints will make you look tough and hot at the same time.

7 Cut Out and Open Back tanks

Another style apparel for work out, Open back tanks are appealing and look amazing. If you have got a great body, you should wear these and select colours that go with the pants you would be wearing. If you lose a lot of sweat during your work outs, these tops will let you cool off with some air your skin gets through the open design.
Select your favourite apparel and head of to your gym now!