Werewolf Killer Clear Quartz Silver Crystal Bullet Necklace

Women FashionThis is a transformative piece. It takes something that was once destructive and violent, now dead and spent, and gives it a new meaning by using it to house a crystal which is alive with positive, healing energy and is a source of light and beauty in the world.

Specifically, clear quartz crystal's properties include the ability to amplify one's intention and enhance one's memory. They are also used for clearing and cleansing. They activate all seven chakras (energy centers) and can amplify and enhance the vibrations of other stones nearby. And it kills werewolves.

Each piece is custom handmade with recycled one of a kind, materials, so they will all be unique in chain styles, colors and composition. If buyer has a request within reason such as a one-piece chain or particular chain length contact us and we will do our best to accommodate.

"Regular" sized Quartz crystal encased in a 9.mm, .40 S&W; or .45 spent bullet casing.

3/4 inch long casing (measurement does not include crystal)
Some of the chains will be mixed, unless the buyer specifies that they want a solid chain.